Meet Gingerbread. She is the Rocking Dog Ranch official greeter and guard llama. A guard llama protects the sheep from predators. She accomplishes this in a few ways. When a new dog comes onto Rocking Dog Ranch property, (and hopefully if Mr. Coyote comes to visit) she is very curious and always runs up to see what is happening. If she thinks the dog is a threat, she will make a terrible alarm cry, will tilt her head back and spit, and will stomp at the dog and swing her neck if she can get close. If she feels a threat is coming her way, she will gather up the sheep and bring them into a small pen where she will lie down very close to the gate to protect her flock. This does not make for good when Gingerbread's sheep need to be worked, we put her in her pen and feed her. Gingerbread has been a great addition to the ranch. She is very curious and loves to be hand fed. She has the most curious hum that has different pitches depending on her mood. She came from Rain Dance Ranch Llamas in Newberg, Oregon. If you are interested in finding out more about guard llamas or just llamas in general, visit them at