BioHaving grown up on a ranch in Central Oregon, Lora has been training dogs to work sheep since 2004.  She believes in training dogs based on the proper way livestock should be handled, quietly and without stress.  With a strong desire to help dogs be correct, she employs a special method of indirect pressure.  She has found that this special technique works with every breed of herding dog and actually enables the dogs to work with complete understanding of proper flank shapes and proper distance and rate while working stock.  Much of Lora's training style can be attributed to her time working with Derek Scrimgeour, both in the United States and her visit to his hill farm in Keswick, England.  Lora trials successfully in USBCHA, qualifying a nursery dog for the USBCHA National Nursery Finals in 2007.  She enjoys arena trials as well as the big field work.  Her rescue dog, Snook has a Post Advanced title in ASCA as well as running pro novice for USBCHA.  Lora strongly believes that to have success on the trial field,  the focus should first be on training a dog for good work.  If developing a proper foundation on stock is your goal,  Lora can help you and your dog become a successful working team.